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Stop Doing This! When You Wakes Up in The Morning

Stop Doing This! When You Wakes Up in The Morning

For many people, waking up in the morning is an achievement, not only do you have to open your eyes and get out of bed but you also have to do a lot of things.

A whole ritual to prepare your body for a new day well release to wake up a little faster.

Most of these activities have long become a habit, and are done automatically because at some point someone said it was the right thing to do.

However, scientists have discovered that not all morning habits are as healthy as they seem at first plans. In addition, some of them can cause serious damage or sickness.

So what should you do differently in the morning? Let’s find out.

Let’s get it on.

Making The Bed Right Away

Your parents must have taught you that after you get out of bed you must tidy it up right away, or at least do it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the bed and the whole room will look messy. Besides, dust and dirt can settle on the sheets and blankets. After all, this place is meant for sleeping and since the night is over it needs to be tidied up.

All do it.

Turns out that scientists have a different opinion by making the bed immediately after you wake up.

We create not only orders but also very favorable conditions for dust mites. It’s believed that these microscopic arthropods can cause allergies and even asthma.

They feed on human skin particles and produce allergens that are easily inhaled during sleep, so we can assure you that you definitely don’t want them in your bed, and the average bed can be home to up to one and a half million mites.

These creatures are less than one millimeter long, so you hardly notice them. Dust mites like heat and humidity, so a made-up bed is a true paradise for them.

After all, while we sleep our body emits moisture which remains in the pillowcase. The sheet and a blanket it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s enough for mites to prevent their appearance.

Scientists recommend removing the blankets and sheets completely and opening the window after getting up, the bed will then dry up and after that, you can tidy it up.

Snoozing The Alarm

The vast majority of people in the world wake up with an alarm clock, but often before we get out of our warm bed, we put off waking up for another 10 minutes or at least five minutes.

It’s like we need a little more time for a miracle to happen, and it won’t be so painful to get up. As a rule, nothing magical happens. And those five minutes only slightly delay the inevitable, besides, they don’t do you any good either.

Some knowledges doctors who study sleep say, it’s best to get up as soon as the alarm goes off. Ideally, it should be a quiet monotonous signal such as birds chirping or water flowing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to get up immediately and rush to work, you can stay in bed for a bit but no more than five minutes and not let yourself fall asleep.

Why? Well because it won’t do you good.

Morning hours are characterized by fast sleep and are usually fragmented and of poor quality. In short, you won’t be able to actually rest anymore, but you can alter your body’s rhythm and you’ll probably regress it at night when you won’t be able to sleep.

Drink Coffee

So you got up almost immediately after the alarm clock went off, you let the bed vents and now you want a cup of coffee.

What else can you do? Your brain refuses to work without coffee, no wonder many people associate the morning with these scents of fresh coffee or a quick trip to Starbucks before work.

But according to nutritionists and doctors, the early morning hours may not be the best time to pump caffeine into your body, at least if you want to feel active all day after waking up.

The human body produces a lot of cortisol, which is the stress hormone that makes you anxious. If you also drink coffee at that time, your courses or level will increase, which means, you’ll become more nervous. You may feel overexcited and after a while, this condition will be replaced by severe fatigue.

It’s not what you need in the morning, is it? The easiest way to be more active after waking up is to sleep more at night.

Who would have thought it right well if you’re not ready to give up caffeine altogether you can have your first cup of coffee a little later than usual.

Brushing Your Teeth Before Breakfast

It is important to take care of oral hygiene from an early age.

To not accidentally lose all your teeth, you should floss regularly throughout the day, brush your teeth before going to bed, and in the morning before breakfast or after.

Most people stick to the first option because after sleep there are so many bacteria in the mouth and you just want to get rid of that, also who likes to sit at the table with somebody in bad-breath.

However, some dentists believe that you should brush your teeth after eating, this will help remove food debris, disinfect microscopic damage not visible to the naked eye and at the same time removes the yellowish plaque on your teeth that appears after a morning cup of tea

So what’s the best thing you can do?

The best option is to rinse your mouth before breakfast and brush your teeth properly between 30 and 60 minutes after eating.
It’s not recommended to do it immediately though after eating, the tooth enamel is vulnerable so you could hurt it.

Taking a Hot Shower

Some people can’t imagine their morning without a shower. It’s easy to understand, even scientists confirm that a shower helps you wake up it, makes your head works better.

Except it has to be a cold shower.

Could you imagine in the morning without properly waking up and pouring cold water over your head? Just thinking about it, gives us the chills that make us want to get under the blankets and never get out of there.

However, a hot shower relaxes the body. After that, you just want to go back to your cozy bed, instead of going to work or school.

On the contrary cold water energizes your body, improves brain activity, stimulates your immune system. In addition, unlike hot water, it doesn’t dry out the skin and has a good effect on the hair, overall it’s only benefits.

When cold water touches the skin, the natural reaction is to breathe much deeper and fuller. This increases oxygen consumption and circulation blood moves faster, which means the brain also works much better.

Scientists also say that a cold shower can improve a person’s state of mind. When you decide to take a cold shower, you take psychological control of the situation and tell yourself they are ready to face any difficulties that await you on this new day.

Checking Social Media

We also can’t imagine our lives nowadays without the internet and social networks in particular.

The first thing many people do after waking up is to open their phones to see what happened during the night. Checking their Instagram feed, reading Twitter, watching the news, replying to some messages.

Sound familiar?

Some people start checking their work emails in bed or during breakfast thus extending their workday.

But is this really necessary?

Well, your life doesn’t actually depend so much on social media, and you don’t need to keep track of your work from the earning hours of the morning either

Scientists advise not to waste your time looking at other people’s lives and their photos and comments. In addition, the internet tends to drag you in indefinitely even if you plan to browse Instagram for a minute this can easily turn into half an hour.

So if you still need to check your social media you should postpone it until lunchtime.

Choosing Your Outfit

Probably each person at least once has faced the problem of not knowing what to wear. In those situations, you start taking everything out of the closets, turning piles of clean clothes into total chaos.

Filling the room with things and wasting valuable time, and you’re about to be late for work or school. Of course, not everyone can prepare their outfits the night before, but you can at least think about it before you fall asleep, instead of counting sheep or other animals of your choice.

Another way to do this is to simplify the choice by making it smaller. Of course, not everyone can do that, but Steve Jobs is a great example, he wore the legendary black turtleneck, because it’s saved in time, not money.

Researchers also suggest that there should be a place in the closet where you only keep your clothes for work or school. For example, if you’re required to wear a black jacket and a white shirt at work, keep your black jackets and white shirts in a separate place.

Also, get rid of things that you don’t wear regularly and put away clothes that unsuitable for the season.

Eating Cereals

Advertisers love to sell the idea that breakfast cereals are the perfect start to the day, but in practice then not actually as healthy as they sound. Cereals can contain up to three teaspoons of sugar.

Of course, it all depends on the specific brand, but the gist is the same so-called healthy breakfasts have more sugar than a chocolate, cookie and eating so much sweet stuff in the morning is really harmful.

Fast carbohydrates like muffins, donuts, cookies, and other delicacies are unhealthy. For real, for some time you’ll feel awake but this feeling will pass quickly and then you’ll get tired, feel apathetic and hungry.

Surprisingly some dietitians claim that a better breakfast would be of a slice of pizza. Pizza contains protein fats and carbohydrates making it a balanced breakfast, the main thing is to eat just one slice.

However, an egg omelet, cottage cheese, lean meats or oatmeal are also a good choice.

Getting Dressed in The Dark

In the morning it is really difficult to open your eyes, and if the room is bright it becomes torture.

However, scientists do not recommend getting up for dressing in the dark or half-light, and it’s not because they want to torture us, it’s because of the biological rhythms of the body, which are not so easy to fool.

Especially in the early hours of the morning when it seems that the night is not quite over.

The body doesn’t understand why it needs to get up if it’s still dark, and actively protests, which is easy to understand, to return to a normal state and awaken all the cells of the body naturally.

It’s necessary to sleep close to a bedside lamp, this way you can turn on a small light from your bed immediately after waking up, and it will be a soft enough light.

This light will not blind you in the morning but will allow the body to deal with what’s happening around it then, it will be much easier to get up.

By the way, don’t forget, that you can’t fix the bed right away, either you should first take a cold shower and enjoy a proper breakfast and then you’ll definitely have a good morning.

Hameed I can't stop being curious about the world around me, especially when it comes to shocking things.

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